macOS Bundle ID List

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This isn't an exhaustive list!

Requesting a bundle ID:

If you have a macOS app's bundle ID you can't figure out, you can

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Bundle Identifier List #

App Name Bundle ID
Audacity org.audacityteam.audacity
Audio Hijack com.rogueamoeba.audiohijack3
Auphonic Multitrack com.auphonic.mac.multitrack
Blizzard's net.battle.bootstrapper
Discord com.hnc.Discord
Ecamm Live com.ecamm.EcammLive
Farrago com.rogueamoeba.farrago
Forecast fm.overcast.forecast-encoder
Heroes of the Storm com.blizzard.heroesofthestorm
League of Legends com.riotgames.leagueoflegends
Logic Pro X
Minecraft com.mojang.minecraftlauncher
Steam (Valve) com.valvesoftware.steam

How to Find an App's Bundle Identifier #

I figured this out based on this post from Rob Griffiths in 2018:

Open up

Type the following command:

osascript -e 'id of app "Name of App"'

The "Name of App" is replaced with the name of the app as it appears when hovering over its Dock icon.

So for example,

Tutorial Video #

Here's how to fix macOS audio mic permissions using Discord as an example:

Direct link to YouTube video